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Are you a retailer wishing to stock independent designs from Coldwell Creations? 


Here is a brief overview of wholesale rates, order minimums, payment methods, production times and delivery options.  


If you are considering stocking Coldwell Creations please complete the form below or email direct so we can connect. 


IMG_8487 2.JPG


  • minimum order 20 pieces

  • standard 50% rate

  • local in person selection + delivery in the lower mainland (LM) for first meet

  • payment via e-trsf or square at time of delivery

  • usually 6-8 weeks to fill a whosesale order, dependent on inventory stock at time of order

  • shipping  + or delivery to be discussed, (wood is heavy...)


  • all wood is reclaimed + repurposed

  • handcrafted 

  • eco-conscious design

  • organically designed to highlight the dings and dents from their old life

  • bring the outdoors in with sustainable greenery + floral design from forest floor finds, seasonal garden clippings and plant propagating


  • let's work together with collaborative promotion

  • social media + online marketing

  • Coldwell Creations selling points, info sheets and product cards included with woodworking creations

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