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  • How do I order custom order a piece?
    Reach out via email and let me know what you are thinking and we can correspond on what works best. I love being presented with a piece of wood, salvaged material, or broken, long forgotten family treasure and asked if I can repurpose it. Even better when I have the supplies on hand to complete the task!
  • How do I care for my wood?
    If your piece is oiled, use a damp cloth to keep free of dust and avoid harsh chemicals and direct exposure to the sun. You can re-oil as required. I use a food safe butcher block oil, but you can even use olive oil.
  • Do I need to do anything special with wooden candle holders?
    Be smart, be safe. Never leave a burning candle unattended, near children or pets. Avoid burning the candle flame close to the wooden candle holder. For your safety the wooden candle holders have a metal cup insert to provide a barrier from candle to wood. Always use tea lights with metal cups. *Metal candle cup fits 3/4” tapered candle.
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