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Shop my store or connect with me to create a custom piece. I love being presented with a piece of wood, salvaged material, or  long forgotten family treasure and asked if I can give it new life.

Considering a custom piece?  Let's chat!

Repurposed wooden Oak Barrel to serving tray


If there is something you like and want to make it your own, contact me


Repurposing table legs into into candle holders is how it all started at Coldwell Creations. An old family farmhouse kitchen table was converted into a coffee table, leaving 12" of legs to work with. From there many tables, desks, chairs, banisters, bed frames, and railings have been turned into candle holders.


​Vases are made from repurposing lumber offcuts that would otherwise be tossed to the landfill or burned. Like the candleholders, they are also made from furniture such as table legs, chair legs, and banisters. They are made to hold dry or fresh flowers/garden clippings complimented with the simplistic beauty of Ikebana style of floral arrangements. Sometimes one clipping from your garden is all that is needed to bring the outdoors inside.


Low profile, highly sought after!  These yogi/plant/entry way benches might inspire you to hit the mat, become a plant person after all, and keep your entry way organized on occasion.  They are also a great place to store books and display seasonal decor.


These catch all holders for photos, greeting cards, business cards, quotes, or gift cards are made from lumber offcuts and once walked on floor boards. They display photographs, my fave is the 4x4" with border from good ol' London Drugs. I also display birthday and greeting cards in them for special occasions.  Use them everyday or seasonally on your shelf, desk, window ledge, or mantle in your home or office. They also make the perfect host(ess), birthday, or any occasion gift. Try it in your coffee shop or store for the daily special or quote of the week.


Coldwell Creations and SoulRoots Moss Art combine their love of the outdoors and nature with moss art wall hangings. From framed to live edge, the repurposed cedar is upcycled from a decommissioned sauna and also from salvaged cedar planks from Coldwell Beach.

"Cedar Peaks" is showcased at Bean Around the World Seymour


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